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EFIBCA-Q Quality Pledge

The EFIBCA-Q Quality Pledge aims to raise awareness amongst users of FIBCs about quality and safety standards relevant for different types of FIBCs. The initiative consists of a voluntary pledge by FIBC manufacturers and distributors to conform with the EFIBCA-Q Quality Criteria, a list of specifications and requirements relevant for different types of FIBCs. Subscribers to EFIBCA-Q commit to provide their customers and business partners with detailed information on all quality requirements and evidence of compliance on request.

The EFIBCA-Q Quality Pledge provides important benefits to corporations and the European FIBC market as a whole, e.g.:

  • Creation of market awareness for quality and safety
  • Use of EFIBCA-Q in customer relations
  • Use of the EFIBCA-Q logo for advertisement on print, online and electronic documents
  • Listing as subscriber to EFIBCA-Q Qualtiy Pledge on EFIBCA’s homepage
  • Annotation of subscription on the yearly EFIBCA membership certificates

The EFIBCA-Q Quality Criteria and evidence that can be requested from the FIBC supplier can be seen here:

EFIBCA-Q Quality Pledge

Users of FIBCs are encouraged to engage with their FIBC supplier on the EFIBCA-Q Quality Criteria and to include these criteria in their supplier audits.