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  • EFIBCA Association and Members Brochure

    Published in 2017, this brochure gives an overview of EFIBCA's activities and provides profiles of EFIBCA members.

    ik_efibca17_online.pdf (2.26 MB)
  • EFIBCA FIBC User Guide

    Table of Contents - Guide for the Safe User of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

    The contents of this guide have been written to together with EFIBCA members and subject matter experts, whose combined knowledge lend both perspective and depth to this handy reference for FIBC producers and their suppliers, FIBC retailers and FIBC users.

    This is the first edition of the FIBC User Guide and it is available only through EFIBCA members!

    efibca-fibc-user-guide_v1_2016_09_toc.pdf (40.87 kB)
  • Questions and Answers Concerning the Use of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)

    Intended for End Users, this brochure provides basic answers to frequently asked questions regarding:

    • Selection and Marking
    • Filling
    • Transport
    • Storage and Stacking
    • Repeated use and Recycling
    • Safety
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    The information provided in this document is intended to facilitate understanding of the key areas of importance on the usage and selection of FIBC. It is not a substitute for expert consultation. To determine the most appropriate FIBC for your application, we strongly recommended consultation with FIBC providers to discuss your environment and specific end-user requirements.

    This brochure is available in print through the EFIBCA Secretariat or can be downloaded below.

    efibca_q_a_eng_final_a_.pdf (450.24 kB)
  • Presentation at 8th World FIBC Congress Amsterdam

    Dr Isabell Schmidt, May 2014

    efibca_world_fibc_congress_2014_final.pdf (1.31 MB)