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User Resources

EFIBCA has a long history of championing the customer requirement for qualified information. Today, EFIBCA and its Members aim to reach the end user though practical tools such as the EFIBCA booklet “Questions and Answers Concerning the Use of Flexible Bulk Containers (FIBC), which covers frequently asked questions.

Seeing the need for a detailed handbook, EFIBCA has recently published the “FIBC User Guide: Guide for the Safe Use of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers,” which was written together with EFIBCA Members and subject matter experts. It provides users with all need-to-know information about FIBC like construction types, handling and disposal as well as specific knowledge e.g. on FIBCs for foodstuff or dangerous goods.

EFIBCA members have additional access to further detailed information, e.g. Food Contact Regulation and maket statistics. To find out more about becoming a member click here.